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ZH Multifamily was founded by husband and wife, Zach and Grace Haptonstall.  As Equity Owners of over $100MM of Multifamily Assets, They created ZH to provide mentorship and resources to educate investors about Apartment Investing. 

ZH Multifamily founded ‘The Phoenix Multifamily Association’ The first networking group in Phoenix, AZ for Multifamily Investors.

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Why Become An Investor?

  • Create passive income through cash-flow
  • Protect your money in a stable asset
  • Benefit from major tax-breaks through real estate depreciation
  • Gain access to larger deals
  • Grow your investment through forced and natural appreciation
  • Gain more control and transparency over your money than your 401k or the stock market

Why multi-family?

Population trends

The baby-boomer and millennial generations are both trending toward renting over home ownership across the nation. This is due to a combination of increased housing costs and more interest in the mobile lifestyle.


Increased cost of housing

The tremendous job growth and influx of new population moving to the Phoenix metro has created an enormous demand for housing. The shortage of housing has recently caused the prices of single family homes to skyrocket, which has drastically increased the demand for both individuals and families to rent apartments.

stable investment

Multi-family real estate offers affordable housing that has proven to be a profitable and stable investment with high occupancy rates even during economic downturns. Multi-family investments are historically resilient.

Tax benefits

Multi-family investments allow investors to pay very little taxes on their cash-flow income while owning the property due to a shorter depreciation schedule. Upon sale, profit is taxed at the capital gains rate, which is lower than ordinary tax rates.

The Phoenix market

Maricopa County is ranked #1 in the U.S.  for population growth. Phoenix is experiencing an enormous demand for housing that is significantly outpacing the supply. This has produced historically high rental income and occupancy rates. Multi-family real estate is among the most risk-averse asset classes available to investors in the Phoenix metro.

What is a multi-Family syndication?

Structure, returns, and benefits

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